Meet the chaps...

Steve Larkin, vocals

I can’t play golf but I can crash remote controlled planes in style, I have discovered.

I spent time looking for something to do as another hobby so they say and unsure of what could capture my attention I came across a guitar for sale and thought “what’s the worst that could happen” well as the story unfolds it became a drug and a life changing experience through the avenue of sore fingers and endless friends sick of hearing ...”listen to this” ..but I pushed I learnt and I dreamed and after driving myself to play anywhere that would let me and getting to know others with a similar focus it started to roll. 

My great friend and unbelievable drummer and someone who would become a integral part of my musical direction Joe Mozdzierski and I bought a ticket on the imaginary train journey of discovery stopping at stations and picking up fabulous Howie Ranson and the cool cat Jonty Watson the EAST COAST MAINLINE experience was born.

We roll forward carrying carriages of musical history along with us and I cant wait to see where the journey takes me, so buy a ticket in life when the opportunity comes your way and live it with a smile.

Jont(y) Watson, bass guitar, vocals

I have played bass just about as long as I can remember. Through punk days, some rock, reggae, jazz, bhangra, and now with ECM, classic rhythm & blues and rock ‘n’ roll. I have never wanted to be a guitarist (sorry H!) and I can’t play drums but the bass gives me the best of both worlds – melody and rhythm.

A good rhythm section is the engine room of any great band and after two or so years now working with Joe I believe we’re getting there. We provide a solid base for Steve and H to mess around on (ha ha!).

As music and its history have been the driving passions in my life, playing with ECM has provided the opportunity to relish both. I even get to throw in a couple of my own songs! Working with these guys is fun, and a band that’s having fun makes for an entertaining experience!


Onwards and upwards, Jont.

Howard Ranson, guitar

Hi, I am Howard and am the guitar player in the band. 

I love playing with East Coast Mainline because of the passion all of us have towards our music, in particular I love playing live and making that conection with our audience. We are very lucky to have some great people who come to watch us play time and time again.

I have been playing in bands on and off for for years prior to playing with ECM. I love all kinds of music but I guess Blues, Rock and Roll is what I have always liked and that’s musically where i come from. I make no distinction between styles of music as long as its good that’s all that should matter.

I love to discover new and old artists for example, currently I am listening to Hop Wilson a Texas steel guitar player from the fifties and sixties....check him out ...I dare you!! 

I also play the harmonica and hopefully at some point would love to include that in our set but we will have to wait and see!!

Joe Mozdzierski, drums

My name is Joe and I’m originally from Poland. My adventure with music began when I was a child. My father played many instruments and was also a music teacher. As teenagers, my brother and I formed a band with friends which is still in existence today, although I left as adult life beckoned. 

I have listened to rock and blues music since I was young and still do. I passed my passion on to my daughters who attended music school as teenagers. When I moved to England I met people who share my passion and love of music. Steadily, we have created a band in which I am consistently able to develop my drumming whilst enjoying myself. 


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